Sunday, December 31, 2006

Perhaps my favorite kind of tease is the understated subtle tease. The kind of tease who, with the minimum of effort, manages to induce the maximum effect.

Ideally she will be some form of professional, so maybe she will be someone you meet through work. So the situation will be quite formal, and any possibility of sexual contact is completely out of the question. But she is so adept at what she does, she manages to lure you into desiring her without actually doing anything. She knows she is having this effect, but skilfully manages to distance herself. Thereby any move towards her by the guy would be a result of his own folly, and not as a result of anything she has done. She's offering him an illusion, and by definition he cannot have it.

And doesn't Stacey (above) look well siuited for this purpose?

Imagine you're sat at her desk discussing something important with her, but it's her desk and she is in control. She is being the consummate professional, but she's fixing you with a steely glare and a wry smile. You're starting to lose track of what you're saying, but she isn't. She's completely in control.

Now let's imagine that she gets up from her seat, and strolls confidently round to your side of the table. She perches herself on the edge of the table, close enough to touch. The flirtaciousness has gone up a notch...she's playing with her hair, pursing her lips. Slowly stroking her own thigh with her nails, right there in front of you. She's attentively listening to every word you say, and touching your arm whenever she agrees with you. The steely glare has gone, to be replaced by a playful gaze...

She's brushing right up against you now. She knows you're hard. So, are you going to touch her and risk the consequences?

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Now I don't mean this in a disparaging way, but wouldn't Princess make a great escort?

On the surface of it, she appears to have all the attributes. Long blond hair, tasteful make-up and jewelery, and a demure understated look (maybe more popular here in the UK than in the US, due in part to the class system and the fact that many UK escorts are students).

She has a look which suggests she takes a keen interest in people and in what makes them tick. Just imagine her smouldering eye contact as she gazes at you across the restaurant table for two. She's sipping a glass of wine, encircling the rim with her tongue. She's laughing at your jokes and listening attentively to your every word. Isn't this what being an executive is all about?

And doesn't she look a natural on the bed? So relaxed in your company and open to suggestion. Perhaps if you became a trusted client over time, she might even let you tie her hands to the bed with a silk scarf, and possibly blindfold her. So that you can tease her, the way she's spent all night teasing you.

Click here for the full gallery

Friday, December 29, 2006


Yes, we are tightly packed

On this crowded subway train

But that doesn't give you

The right to touch

Yes, our bodies may brush together

As the train rocks from side to side

But that doesn't give you

The right to touch

It gives you the right to inhale

My powerful perfumed aroma

And it gives you the right to imagine

All the things that you'd do to me

It gives you the right to think about

What I'm like when I've worked up a sweat

But none of this could possibly give you

The right to touch

Say, have you met my boyfriend behind me?

He's the one who can say "She is mine"

And while you've tentatively tried to put your hand on my leg

He's been running his hand up my spine

Now he's whispering words of excitement

As he nibbles and sucks on my ear

His breathing is hard, his voice is hushed

So that none such as you can hear

I smile at the prospect of what he suggests

As he starts to nibble my shoulder

And as my slow tongue encircles my lips

His hands grow bolder and bolder

One by one he unbuttons my shirt

And starts to caress my breasts

I think I'll need something to sink my teeth into

Perhaps you could lend me your chest?

That way, I could bend forward

And his hands could slide down to my hips

A surge of excitement will fill my body

As he unbuckles and then he unzips

He pushes my skirt right up to my waist

As the train continues to rock

And as I start to bite hard on your nipple

He feeds me the head of his cock

Then all the way, til the base of his shaft

Is in as far as it can get

And as he pounds me harder and harder

You'll see what I'm like when I've worked up a sweat

I'm wetter and wetter, as faster and faster

He pounds me and pounds me and pounds me again

I hope that today will be a lesson well learned

There are men and then there are MEN

He's pounding me into submission

Til it all becomes much too much

You can watch me cum, you can watch me go

None of it gives you

The right to touch

Don't you think this is the sexiest red dress ever?

It's actually taken from a watersports website. Please don't get it wet!

You might recall that at the start of this blog, I wrote a piece about a sexy cigarette break. This was based on the girl who works at my local store, whom I have this ongoing flirty thing over the counter with.

Her name is Anna (not her real name, but close enough), and I hope she knows just how sexy she is. She's been working there for all the 5 years that I've lived in this area, and during that time I've watched her grow in stature and in confidence. She has a natural authority about her and she wears it very well. She is bossy, stroppy, and VERY impatient! But she has the strongest-looking eyes you are ever likely to see, and I take great pleasure in making prolonged eye contact with her. As time goes by she looks more and more like the kind of bossy schoolteacher I used to fantasise about, and needless to say this pleases me enormously!

I have no plans to make a move on her, as she's married now and she has a child. But our little exchanges are such good fun because with so little, we seem to convey so much about who we are and what excites us. My theory is that she's a secret dominatrix, but that her guy doesn't really understand what that's about. I think she knows that I understand exactly what it's about, and I think she enjoys toying with that knowledge. I may be reading the signals wrong there, but she can always put me right! And she's so changeable...she's never the same twice, and that's so sexy. It's as if she remembers how she was with me last time, and makes a conscious effort to outwit me. And generally she succeeds.

Tonight she decided she was going to treat me like a naughty schoolboy. She said hello before I was expecting her to, which caught me off guard and she knew it. From that moment on she was the boss, and she proceeded to fix me with a piercing stare. I was left with no choice but to look away and smile, my lust for her achingly obvious. I looked back out of naughty curiosity and the stare was still there, but this time accompanied by a smile. She really did make me feel ashamed tonight, which was unnerving but still highly enjoyable.

Now the most erotic part of our transaction is usually the money changing hands, because sometimes the touch lingers for longer than it needs to. The most exciting part is not knowing whether that's going to happen or not. But tonight, nothing. She simply strolled off airily with a broad smile on her face, meaning I had to do the money thing with another (far less attractive!) member of staff. Damn! Still, for the third time in succession I left the store with an erection, and I think she knows this only too well. Twice looks like carelessness, but three times looks like a job well done.

You might wonder what all the fuss is about...after all, it's only being served in a shop. Well I'll tell you: it's about the little things. When you're working within a limited time frame, with a woman you know you can't have, every little thing becomes precious. Time slows down and your nervous system slows down with it, meaning that every glance feels stolen and every touch feels like a lingering embrace. And when the woman concerned knows the effect she is having, and how to skilfully manipulate it, then the whole experience becomes a very tantalising prospect.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It seems there is a thriving orgasm denial community on the web, where the woman (usually a mistress) is the denier, and the man (usually submissive, if not a stated submissive) is the denied. It seems that within this context, the roles are very clearly defined. The woman is in charge, period.

Which presents me with a bit of a dilemma, because in my writing there is a lot of roleplay interchange. In some posts the tease is a man, and in others a woman. Sometimes I am using a male narrator, and at other times a woman. And I'm noticing that this seems to put me out of sync with a lot of the tease stuff that's already out there.

So the question I'm asking myself is this: Do I write exclusively orgasm denial stuff aimed at men, for the sake of a target audience? Or do I carry on doing what I'm doing, for the sake of artistic integrity? I think I already know the answer to that question, and I think you do too. But it's a question worth asking, because I think there exists an element of suspicion toward those who do not define the boundaries clearly enough.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I want to use my tongue on you, Madame

I know its wrong

But, well...

I want to lay you down

As you do your thing

With your voice

With your breathing

And I want to take it slow

Slow it down

So that every sound

Every sigh

Every breath


For longer


And for now.
My previous poetic piece has been recorded by the smouldering tones of Ms Ally from Cock Control. I'm sure you'll agree she did an excellent job.

Click here to listen

Don't you just love the way her voice falls into a whisper?

Visit Ms Ally's blog for morefree teasing and denial audio.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey, I resolved the "ending dilemma" I outlined in an earlier post.

Basically I'm going to do what the TV shows do, and come up with alternate endings. That way I can allow them to cancel each other out, so that I don't have to write either...thus leaving it up to the reader's imagination. Which means I don't have to play tease fans off against climax fans.

Don't you just love it when abject laziness is the solution to all life's problems?

Do you think you might like it

If I were to gently run my nails

Along your zipper

Or would that be too informal?

We have only just met, after all.

So perhaps

To preserve the formality

I might be persuaded

To gently run my nails

Across your cheek

Would that spare blushes all round?

And perhaps

As we dispense with the formalities

I might be persuaded

To allow my nails

To wander


Over your lips

Your stubble

Your neck

Do you like my nails?

I painted them especially

As artists do

Deceptively soft

Deceptively sharp

And would you like them all the more

If they ran over your shirt

Stroking your chest

Make you breathe hard

And feel like a man

Would you like it if I

Were to unbutton your shirt

And softly stroke

Your nipple

And perhaps

If you were to loosen up

I might be inclined

To use my teeth

My tongue

My breath

On your nipple

As my wandering hand

Is stroking your hip bone

And my other hand

Runs up your leg

Or, to be more specific

The inside of your thigh

And if we were to get to know each other

I might be persuaded

To slide that hand

Between your legs

Stroking your balls

Thru your trousers

And so we arrive at the point

At which we began

As I play with your zipper

Once again

So should we dispense with the formalities now?

Or is the click of my heels

As I calmly walk away

A more enticing prospect?

Now without doubt my favorite Only Tease girl is Carla, so how fitting that she has her own site, Only Carla!

Aside from being the prettiest of the models (in my humble opinion), Carla also appears to be the most natural. She doesn't look like a tease...she looks like the kind of honest girl who makes good on her promises, which is why it is interesting to see her cast in the role of tease.

I often wonder whether the girls actually enjoy the photoshoots or not. One of the more refreshing aspects of "amateur" porn is that you're not looking at some stroppy model who'd rather be doing anything else apart from the shoot (although sadly, amateur porn is getting more and more professional by the day). But I get the feeling Carla genuinely does enjoy the shoots. I may be wrong, but if I am then she hides it well.

Click here for more Only Tease grils. And if anyone has a good recommendation for a (genuine) tease site then please let me know.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It strikes me that the inherent problem with writing a tease blog is that, by definition, it's a bit of an anti-climax. Take the previous post as an example: I was really happy with it until I figured that I had to "end" it somehow, and that ending it with orgasm kinda defeats the purpose of a tease blog. So I apologise to anyone who felt that the ending was a bit of a damp squib. Particularly to the woman on whom that fantasy was based, in the vain hope that she is reading this! Maybe I should hand out business cards or something...

Now my ideal remedy for the "climax" dilemma is to take a more tantric approach and focus on the experience rather than the end, but I'm aware that erotic blogs can't go on forever! Some of us have got lives to live!

So, erm, any fucking suggestions?

Would you mind terribly

if I were to position myself

right up against you

behind you

here on this crowded subway train

i know it's a cliche, but..

i get claustrophobic

crowds, you know

nowhere to escape

fantasies do not provide the escape

that they once did

time to get to grips with reality

so rather than fantasising about you

i'd like to get to grips with you instead

don't worry, i have the good manners

to wait for the train to rock back

so that you might fall into my arms

instead of me having to accost you

i'll take hold of your hips

with one hand

while the other hand

slips discretely inside

your red jacket

as i proceed to run my fingertips

gently up and down

your spine

and if you were to push back against me

you would feel

the evidence that your aroma

is having on my dick

as my wandering hand

moves round to your front

as, cloaked in secrecy within your red jacket

my daring fingertips

begin their ascent

til they are encircling

your nipple

and all the way down

til they are stroking

your thigh

as the firm hand that i hold you with

pulls you back towards me

so that the whole of your body

is resting against me

as you become all too aware

that your short dark hair

has left you exposed

to my nibbles

my kisses

my breath on your neck

your earlobe

your shoulders

your everything

as my hand slides down your arm

to take your hand

and manoeuvre it towards

the pole, in front of you

as you do likewise

with your other hand

and now

if we were to take leave of our senses

and lose track of who and where we are

i'd reach my hand round

and unzip your trousers

and pull them down

to your knees

i'd unzip my trousers

and take hold of my dick

til i'm pushing against you


with both hands on your hips

i push the head of my dick

tentatively in

then thrust my shaft

til i'm all the way in

til i'm fucking you hard

hard and deep

as the stresses of work

fall from you

and as for the commuters

they won't mind

they've got papers to hide behind

secrets to hide

and if someone were to motion

that they'd like to get off

i'd move you over to the wall

and take you there

my teeth in your shoulders

my cock in your cunt

And if you were to motion

That you'd like to get off

Before we have chance

To play this fantasy out

I'd step aside

Step out of your way

For I can still savour you


I'm getting bored of erotic stories, I have to say. There are many quality erotic stories available online, but the vast majority are failing to hold my attention. Now I struggle with reading large blocks of text on a computer screen anyway, and I take medication which doesn't exactly help. But the trouble with erotic stories is that once you've read enough of them, you can predict where they're going to go. There are only so many ways to describe the same fantasy, unless you're a brilliant writer in which case there are probably a million different ways. But most of us aren't brilliant writers, even if we think we are.

And it seems as though everyone involved in sex thinks that they can write erotica, which simply isn't the case. (American readers won't know who Abi Titmuss is, which is probably a good thing! Let's keep it that way!)

So I'm looking for new ways of writing erotica that are better able to hold the attention. I have one or two ideas which will probably manifest themselves in this blog, but I'm looking for interaction and input from others too.

I've decided I'm going to do a sex blog for women, out of sheer audacity as much as anything else. I need to do a bit of research first before it's up and running, as it's the sort of thing where you really do need to know what you're talking about. So for now I'm hoping that The Divine Tease will be a breeding ground for new ideas.

Porn for women fascinates me because it seems as though women are making a conscious decision to view porn, whereas men have an unfortunate habit of thinking with their dicks! I also think that the standard of eroticism is higher in women's porn, which is something I've long aspired to see (and to promote) in porn. I also tend to find it easier to write erotically than explicitly, as I'm generally much fonder of the language of suggestion. My friend who got me into this tells me I should use as many "keywords" as possible, but what the fuck is the point of swearing when you can speak eloquently? I'm a British misanthrope, and British misanthropes are supposed to speak like Hannibal Lecter! And I've always been of the Eminem school of "if you're going to swear, swear at the point of maximum impact". It sounds terribly prudish to refer to it as swearing I know, but what's the point of developing a vocabulary if you're not going to use it?

Anyway, women's porn. It seems to me as though there are many quality non-professional women's blogs out there, but many of the more professional blogs and sites are restrained by concerns of niche etc. Now of course this is inevitable and is not really a criticism. But it seems to me that if female sexuality is a much less "tangible" thing than male sexuality, then it should be presented in a much less tangible way. And if female sexuality is more of a "whole" experience of mind body and soul, then maybe it should be presented in a more "holistic" (therapeutic?) way.

And it's a similar story with tease. Tease is the art, science and spirituality of wanting what you can't have. Now in an existential sense this is probably wrong, but in a sexual sense then maybe its very wrongness makes it right. It seems to provide a haven for dreamers and romantics, and I'm more than happy to go along with that! But how do you promote the art of wanting what you can't have? I think the answer is to say "Ok, well the thing you really want you can't have, but you can have everything else up until that point." Start with something small, then build from that base in a gradual cumulative process. I think that an accomplished female tease would take this approach, and as a male afficionado of tease I would certainly appreciate it.

If anyone has seen any quality women's porn lately, feel free to point me in the right dorection.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Only Tease girls will be a regular feature in this blog, because they're British and they're great. And because they're just about the only porn site that does tease the right way.

Today's Only Tease girl is Hayley-Marie. I chose Hayley-Marie because it looks like the art of tease comes very naturally to her. She wears those glasses so knowingly!

And wouldn't you just love it if she was talking to the boss?

Leaning in, to listen to every word he said?

Some women just know these things...

She asks me if I'm lighting up

I say no

I'd rather watch her

She giggles


Looks at me

Takes a cigarette from my packet

Places it between her lips

Takes the lighter from my hand

Moves it up towards her mouth

And lights the cigarette

She inhales

Then exhales



And slowly

It begins to dawn on her

That there is such a thing

As a smoking fetish

She's not an internet perv like me

But somehow I suspect she's just as dirty.

She looks at me

More studiously

As if to figure out my next move

It is towards her

Into her personal space

To take the cigarette from her hand

Draw on it

And hand it back to her.

I wish I wasn't shaking quite so much.

But she doesn't mind.

In fact, I think she quite likes it.

I retreat

Out of her personal space

So that I might once again watch her

From a voyeuristic distance.

She inhales


And this time she reaches out a hand

So that neither one of us has to impose

Upon the other.

I take her outreached hand

Move it up towards my mouth

And kiss it.

I take her index finger

And kiss it.

Her middle finger

Kiss that too.

Her ringed finger

I kissed that too.

And her little finger?

I nibbled on that.

And it was at that moment that her husband

With whose ring, he she wed

Poked his head around the door

To tell her she was needed

In the store

And there she left me

Huffing and blowing

And begging for more.

This blog is an erotic celebration of all things tease. Unlike my other blogs which are straightforward sex blogs, this one is a lot more personal and hopefully a lot more creative. And it is intended to incorporate different tease-related stimuli, from stories to sites to articles that focus on tease and anything tease-related. Hopefully a bit of interactive stuff too. I'm open to suggestion, which given the nature of this blog is probably a good thing!

I really want to lay myself and my desires on the line with this blog, and it is with this in mind that I've been asking myself a few fundamental questions. Such as: it is ever truly acceptable/excusable to want what you can't have, and is it truly acceptable to promote the act (and the art) of wanting what you can't have? It seems to me that there are no easy answers to these questions, so I'm hoping that this blog will go some way to answering them. But the one thing I do know is that existential questions do not undermine the eroticism of the moment. And if the eroticism of the moment can be captured, or at the very least alluded to, then maybe that justifies itself.

Anyway I hate long boring intros, so enough with this and on with the tease...