Friday, October 15, 2010

high heels stocking tease

No matter how professional she is, every secretary who wears stockings and high heels likes to draw attention to them. Her legs feel exquisite against the nylon material, and her feet even more so. So as she poses seductively in the park in her pink miniskirt, black stockings and shiny stilettos, is she testing us? Is she content with impressing us, or does she want us to raise our game and impress her too?

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Monday, August 30, 2010

sissy lingerie tease

Oh, sissy maids never get a vacation! Your teasing femdom Mistress may be on holiday, but that doesn't mean that you are too. You promised to be her personal handmaiden, and your slave duties extend into the vacation too. So while she strips out of her lingerie and panties, you are expected to run on down to the hotel lobby, and carry out errands like a good submissive should.

And don't think you'll be spared any humiliation, just because you're on holiday. When you return, you are expected to put on your sissy maid's uniform and join her by the pool...

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Stockings and Lingerie Tease

Teasing Lingerie Cams - 1SexyTeacher

stockings and high heels milf cam tease

Thursday, June 03, 2010

lesbian teen tease

I love the way that European teens in porn just seem to ease themselves into the scene, and visibly relax as the pic shoot begins. There's no flouncing around, preening at the camera or shifting between different parts of their personality. They just loosen up, let go, and let things happen.

In these pics, gentle erotic massage is what happens. Perhaps the girls receiving massage have been in college all day, and arrive back at the student house with aching limbs, even though it's not exactly too much physical exertion. Or maybe the girls applying the healing touch are trainee masseuses, practicing their improving techniques on their lucky housemates every night.

But maybe it's just erotic seduction and foreplay before hardcore lesbian sex...

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

miniskirt and leg tease

The theory goes that gentlemen prefer blondes because blondes are more "visual", and thus bring out the protector instinct in men. But some blonde babes don't need no "protection", because they're bold, brassy and more than capable of looking out for themselves. Sexy British glamour babe Katie T gives would-be suitors an almost mocking look, just to see how well they can handle her. She's dressed to tease and please in a tight red top with black miniskirt, sexy legs and high heels.

She'll be as discreet as you like, perhaps as a dinner date or in your hotel room. But British readers in positions of power might want to double-check her handbag for recording devices, just in case...

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Monday, April 12, 2010

fetish cam tease

Miss Domina is one of the sexiest fetish cam girls on the GFE webcam network, and I feature her on many blogs. Like all the best cam girls, she does her thing with personality, sincerity and class. And even though she does femdom, she's very much into giving you, the "submissive", the live cam show that you want.

It's well worth clicking through to see her pics, because they're very hot. I had to pick one of the tamer ones to show on here, but the slutty pics are the best ones. She looks great in ripped fishnet stockings, or casually carressing a strapon. My personal favorite is when she bends over on her hands and knees, wearing a rubber miniskirt that clings to her ass, and knee high boots. Seems she's just as adept at servile positions, as she is at dominant ones...

See her profile and more pics here

Saturday, February 13, 2010

teacher stockings tease

I've just done a post on a new blog about sexy milf teachers. But as UK glamour babe Hayley Marie proves here, the younger version can be just as hot. From my own personal experience, the crush on the sexy mature teacher was the one you were embarrassed about, and kept largely to yourself. But then there were younger teachers whom everybody thought was hot, and openly shared sex fantasies with friends. I think Ms Hayley-Marie falls into the latter category.

Hayley is probably familiar to tease fans from her glamour modeling work on other sites, but now this sexy British babe has her own site, Hayley's Secrets. The site looks as good as does Hayley herself, and will make no "secret" of her love for lingerie, stockings, high heels and panties. And, of course, her love for stripping them off and posing nude...

Click here to visit Hayley's Secrets

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Fetish Wife

Teasing Video

teasing video

Monday, January 25, 2010

flexi boots tease

Contortionist girls are an interesting breed. Apart from the obvious speculation about sexual positions, they also give us a tantalizing glimpse into what they were like when they were younger. These are disciplined, dedicated, hardworking girls, whose diligence and determination has made them as flexible as they are today. While their classmates were studying and chasing boys, these girls were spending hours each day twisting and bending their supple bodies into un-natural (and all too natural) positions. I bet these girls were ahead of the class in every single way.

The other thing that intrigues me is that many of these flexi girls are trained gymnasts, which probably means that they're well used to pleasing authoritarian older men. Then the hormones kick in, and they dress to please too, like this sexy flexi teen in her PVC thigh high boots. Not the most practical of gymnastic wear, but I'd love to hear the squeaking...

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